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We have learned "Time is relative".

More and more we hear it in the media, books written about it, movies and television shows have been based on this theme. Think about this, 2012, The Hitchikers Guide To The Galaxy, Time Machine, Quantum Leap,  Yet, what does it all mean to us who live in the real world?

We will not teach you how to travel through time and space through a wormhole or vortex to the past or future. Although we hold that all things are possible. Forever searching for truth. For now, from this point of consciousness we will help you understand that time is relative based on your perspective. We all have had experiences where we want to add more hours to our day because we have so much to do. But, what would happen if you could fit more hours worth of work, play or relaxation into your day, really?

This e-book includes real tools to use in every day life. I am here to help, learn these techniques and skills for real life. No wormholes needed. As a special bonus you will receive our monthly Newsletter with three articles each month on the topic of conscious living. Just fill out the form to get the GEEC Rag full of tips and information each month including free 1-hour classes available monthly!

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