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Living Consciously Transformational Program

This program was developed over the years because we observed a consistent struggle clients dealt with in their daily life. People have good intentions about Living Consciously. Americans spent over $693 billion in the self-help category of books last year. However, when we talk to clients a lot of programs and books they bought just set on the shelves collecting dust. So we wanted to create a program that was interactive, affordable and created personal support they needed to succeed in their daily interactions.

We know there are thoughts that are not good for us, and we know we have what it takes to make our lives better, but sometimes we just get overwhelmed with the day to day stuff. Our commitment at GreenMountain Enrichment & Empowerment Center is to guarantee your success. We did this by creating a program that you learn, practice, refine, and morph the tools into your own style.

How & Why It Works (click to expand)

  • Each self supporting tool was developed into a workshop.
  • Each workshop utilized a set of hand outs and exercises to better serve the client.
  • Each exercise went through rigorous testing and development to explore the best deliverable system.
  • Utilizes best practices and compiled the information into workbooks.
  • Each workbook is a do it yourself program, with weekly classes delivered over the phone.
  • Each client receives support from classmates and a professional certified coach.
  • The client participation lends to the ability for others to see a new perspective.
  • Our experience is that every member who shows up is ready to learn, willing to give as well as receive new information.
  • Each class is unique because of the participants, this is joyfully appreciated by all including the coach.

Class Structure (click to expand)

The class is structured so you complete the exercise during the one-hour class. This allows you to gain insight from the classmates, and coaching from a certified professional coach. Each week you learn a new tool to move you into a new perspective. During the week your use the tool, and come back the next week to
express what you have learned. During the next week you again receive class feedback, as well as coaching. The programs are set up so you learn the new tools in the class and receive alternative perspectives of your classmates. This part of the process gives you the support to become successful in moving yourself out of self-sabotaging behaviors into a new mindset that is intended to enrich and empower your life..

However, if you have a particularly difficult issue, we have private one-on-one coaching available. For the duration of the class you receive coaching at a drastically discounted price if you so choose to use it. The private one-on-one coaching is not mandatory for you to learn the processes. However, it sometime is helpful if you need more assistance on one area of the class or another.

There are eighteen classes in all. Each workbook is purchased separately at a center near you, or through amazon [dot] com

Program Synopsis

Self Knowledge Is Self Power (click to expand)

Primary Objective:
Self Knowledge Primary Objective: To introduction to my authentic self.

This powerful class will help you uncover the real you, the one you let go of so many years ago due to the stresses of life. Many people have forgotten the amazing gift they live every day. Remember. Discover how the mind / body / spirit provides you with exactly what you need 24/7. When we let life get in our way and expect others to be accountable for giving us what we need in we can often become disengaged, disenchanted and lose our authentic self.

How do you reconnect with your authentic self? We will help you by stripping away piece by piece those learned behaviors that disconnected you from your authenticity, and integrity. Begin to see the joy in being responsible for your life again. Create a clear picture of who you truly are and need to be to accomplish the life you were meant to live.

Within the coaching format we will help you learn what your mind, body and spirit is saying about your needs. Our program helps you set up new behaviors/beliefs to put firmly in place. We do this by putting emphasis on transformation. To paraphrase Socrates, the examined life is worth living.

Who are you? Who do others think you are? What is the difference? Are you sending the messages you want? How do you portray the real you?

Implements new perspectives as we focus on teaching you to respect your own needs first.

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You Are Not Your Past! (click to expand)

Primary Objective:
Introduction To Concept I can let go of my past.

I can live in this life free to seize the possibilities and opportunities based on what is now.

At times we can feel a tinge of pressure in our chest of presiding fear. Other times we can feel tension of the weight of the world in our shoulders. Most often our past comes up, and if we give in to the emotional upset, we cheat our world and ourselves of the greatness that resides within each individual.

Within the coaching format we will help you learn what your mind/body/spirit is saying about your past.

Our program helps you set up new behaviors/beliefs to put firmly in place. We do this by putting emphasis on transformation.

The method:

  • Creates peace and freedom from the past
  • Protects you from further trauma
  • Shows you how to use emotions as a barometer of information
  • Heals the past wounds through forgiveness
  • Implements new perspectives as we focus on moving you forward
  • Learn how to overcome the pain of past experiences.

Live free to be who you truly are YOU ARE NOT YOUR PAST.

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